The Countdown Begins…

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We are exactly 30 days from the National Conference! Y’all better make sure you register on time (and save yourselves $25)! I can’t wait to see you there (it’ll be my first conference, National or Regional… so I’m stoked).

On other news, this week, I’ll be putting up a couple more pictures (admittedly, I’m plugging the UPR Section). I’d like to see what your sections are doing (and I’m sure the whole Region would love to see what you’re up to, as well).

And, as they say in Puerto Rico, lo prometido es deuda (what you promise, you owe): I’ve started off this week with a post from Ashley Malinowski – one of Region D’s SWEFLs (SWE Future Leaders).

Enjoy! And y’all have a SWEet week!


One thought on “The Countdown Begins…

    Pam A. said:
    October 14, 2008 at 3:15 pm

    Can’t wait to meet everyone!!!

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