Day: March 13, 2018

Senator Candidate Statements

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Hello Region D,

The following are the two candidate statements for the Region D election of Senator.  Watch your mail for Society ballots in the coming months.

Heather Wiest

My favorite part about SWE is networking with members all over the world and learning about their experiences in the Society and their passion for supporting women in engineering.  I’m excited about the opportunity that being a SWE Senator provides to actively communicate with members, gather their input on the Society’s path forward, and ensure they understand important changes occurring in SWE. As a SWE member since 2007, I have held a variety of SWE leadership roles including collegiate section treasurer, professional section representative, founding member of the Greater Lafayette Indiana professional section, member of the FY17 Governance Taskforce, and currently the FY18 Chair of the Leadership Coaching Committee (LCC).

On the FY17 Governance Taskforce, I discussed the impact of proposed governance changes on the Society with other SWE leaders and contributed to the creation of the Governance Implementation Plan.  I gained an in-depth understanding of how each segment of the Society influences each other and SWE’s progress towards meeting its goals.  Playing a significant role in charting the strategic direction of SWE as a member of the Governance Taskforce has prepared me for the similar role a SWE Senator has in shaping the long term goals of the Society.

An important aspect of being a SWE Senator is communicating proposed Society changes and goals to the membership.  In my current role as FY18 LCC Chair, I regularly communicate with over 70 leadership coaches, SWE headquarters staff, and SWE leaders to discuss important committee updates, gather feedback on the LCC’s performance, and expand the committee’s reach and support opportunities.  Being LCC Chair has also provided me with a myriad of opportunities to improve our committee’s policies and procedures in order to better support section leaders.  As SWE Senator, I would rely on the extensive Societal and section operations knowledge I have gained during my seven years on the LCC to help effectively evaluate proposed changes to Society bylaws, policies, and procedures in relation to SWE’s strategic plan.


Katie McCoy

I began attending collegiate SWE meetings at The University of Alabama as a freshman back in 2011 and was immediately looking to get more involved. Through my 7 years in SWE I have strived to stay active and lend a helping hand whenever I am needed. I have attended 6 Society conferences and 5 Region D conferences where I have volunteered, attended CLI, and participated in Region D meetings. I have thoroughly enjoyed extending my knowledge from collegiate section involvement, to serving as the Region Collegiate Communications Director and on the Society Membership Committee. I am passionate about outreach and exposure for the Society and would like to represent the region while contributing to policies that will reflect the SWE Mission. I am excited to be considered as the Region D Final Senator and hope to enable our Region to end on a high note that we can all look back on as an example for the Society moving forward.