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Region Conference: Grad/Undergrad Student Opportunity!

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Collegiates: Do you have research to present?

Graduate and undergraduate students are invited to present their STEM technical research at the Region D Conference Rapid Fire Research Session. Research from summer research opportunities through the dissertation level will be considered.  Selected participants will be asked to create a Powerpoint to accompany their 5-minute presentation.  To be select to present, please submit an abstract (max 250 words) by2/17/14 via email to Stephanie Gillespie, Region D Graduate Student Representative at .

Graduate Student Panelists wanted for Region Conference

Current graduate students are needed to present on a panel discussion at region conference on the topic of succeeding in graduate school. Geared towards new graduate students and undergraduate students interested in graduate school, share your experiences on funding, advisors, graduate coursework, and other related topics. If interested please contact Stephanie Gillespie, Region D Graduate Student Representative at .


Help with Celebrate SWE Region Slideshow!!

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From our Region Govenor:


For Celebrate SWE every region will need to do a ppt with photos. A list A has been on the street for several weeks and no photos have been received. Below are some photos that should be submitted before travel to conference. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. All photos can be submitted to

  • Take a photo of your most interesting/unusual Region landmark. At least one Region member must be in the picture. Bonus points will be awarded if members of multiple sections are in photo.


  • Locate an archive photo of a current or former BOD or BOT member from your region. Photo must be at least 15 years old. Current or former region members are acceptable. Extra points for creative/amusing pictures. Your Region Letter is NOT required to be present in this photo.


  • Photo from a joint professional-collegiate event in your region (photo must be from 2012) Your Region Letter is NOT required to be present in this photo.


  • Photo of a male SWE member


  • Photo from a signature event in your Region (photo must be from 2012). Your Region Letter is NOT required to be present in this photo.


  • Recognize an outstanding accomplishment from your Region (either an individual or a group effort or award)

Region Conference – Call for Speakers

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Region Conference – Call for Speakers – Deadline 11/10/12

Got something to share? Tell us about it! Region D welcome all types of speakers and topics. Our only request is that you submit your information by November 10, 2012 by filling out the form at 
Selections will be made by Friday, November 30, 2012.  
We are looking for speakers for the following tracks:

Accelerating Creativity and Innovation in Engineering

  • Ideas for topics: “Engineering Technology on the Forefront”, “How to Develop Ideas Now That Will Work Later”, “Engineering and Customer Service ”

Hot Topics in Engineering (45 minute Presentations)

  • Ideas for topics: “It’s all about: Systems Engineering”, “Non-Traditional Careers – Not so non-Traditional anymore!”, “Theme Park Engineering”

College to Career Transition (45 minute Presentations)

  • Ideas for topics: “Study Tips from College Seniors”, “How to Stay Focused in Class”, Professional etiquette, Internship & Co-ops, Undergrad to graduate school advice

Professional Development (45 minute Presentations)

  • Ideas for Topics: “Effective Communication”, “Mentoring”, “Work-life balance”, “Leadership and Management”

Navigating the Workplace (45 minute Presentations)

  • Ideas for Topics: “Working Through Corporate Red Tape”, “How to use Office Politics to your Benefit”, “Overcoming your Case of the Mondays”

Personal Development (45 minute Presentations)

  • Ideas for Topics: “MBTI”, “Conflict Resolution”, “10 Fast Ways to Recharge Your Brain’s Batteries”

Section Development (5-10 minute Presentations)

  • Ideas for Topics:  SWE Section Best Practices in Membership, Communications, Outreach

Region Meet At Conference

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Reminder to Region Leaders At Friday’s Region Meeting in Charleston we will discuss and vote on the following items:

1. FY13 Budget
2. Joint Conference with Region E
3. Meeting Minutes from January 2012 Region Meeting

It is important that we have Quorum for these items. We need 13 (out of 24) in attendance to meet Quorum. Sections are required to have a representative in attendance to vote. If the elected representative cannot attend, please make sure that an alternate is there and has the attached paper filled out and brought with them to the mtg.

Here is the remainder of the region mtg agenda:

-Meeting Minutes
-FY12 Budget Update
-FY13 Budget Review and Approval
-FY13 Elections
-2012 Region D Conference Stats
-2013 Region D Conference Update
-WE12 Society Conference
-Senate Update -Section Requirements
-What’s Next

Region Conference Programs

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Still deciding what programs to attend at our Region D Conference in Charleston?

  • Leading Virtual Teams will help you understand the obstacles about working with teams over long  distances, and how to overcome them. In our global economy, these types of teams are becoming more and more common, so get a head start!
  • Is project management the next step in your career? Our 2-hour long Project Management Roundtable will give you an inside look at what to expect. The presentations will be followed by a Q&A and you can ask all those burning questions.
  • Want a vacation from your industry for an hour? Get a look inside the Non-Traditional Field of Forensic Engineering.


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The Embassy Suites hotel is completely booked for Friday. For those who have yet to reserve their hotels, the Hyatt Place Charleston Airport/Convention Center is being blocked for the same rate of $149/night. More information regarding the hotels can be found on the region website.