WE 17 Logistics!

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WE 17, “Always Connecting, Always Engineering” is scheduled for October 26-28 in Austin, TX. Visit https://we17.swe.org for all of the details.


The discounted Advanced Registration closes on 10/20, with on-site registration being available during conference.

Registration discounts are offered for those who choose to volunteer and is a great way to network with other SWE members! For more information on how to volunteer, visit: https://we17.swe.org/attendees/volunteer/ .


Hotel blocks have been provided for attendees! For more information visit: https://we17.swe.org/attendees/housing/


Conference can sometimes be intimidating — these webinars are GREAT for ensuring you dress and feel your best, while also impressing the potential employers! Click the links below and enjoy!

How to be Career Fair Saavy

What Not to Wear 

Have a great month and we’ll see you at WE 17!



Welcome FY 18 Leaders!

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My name is Elizabeth Hartzog and I will be your Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE) for the year. As the Region D RCCE, it is my goal to inform you all of Hot Topics, Section Updates, and important dates along with providing you with interesting engineering articles and information about your FY17 Region Leadership Team 🙂. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can reach me at eehartzog@crimson.ua.edu. The rest of the new leadership team is listed below:

  • RCR – Jenna Newman
  • RCR – Jessica Jiang
  • RCS – Grace Devine
  • RCCE – Elizabeth Hartzog
  • LCC Lead – Sarvenaz
  • SWEFL – Emma Latham
  • SWEFL – Tatum Martin

We hope everyone is having a great semester!



Submit Your Outreach Activities!

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The Society Outreach Committee has pulled together a simple tool to track outreach activities.  The request that we have is that as part of your outreach event close-out, you take 5 minutes and fill out this Survey Monkey with 10 simple questions.  Why are we doing this?  To help SWE understand how we are impacting the future of students in STEM.  We do a lot of great outreach work, let’s take credit for it.  Any questions, contact Andrea Clewley.

WE17 Registration is Open!

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From the  WE17 Website:

“As an engineer—or aspiring engineer—you likely look at engineering as more than a way to earn a living. You see it as a WAY of living. A mindset that assesses life from an inquisitive, problem-solving, point of view—a mind that’s always engineering.

Attend WE17—the world’s largest conference and career fair for women in engineering and technology—to connect with thousands who share your engineering outlook. Together, you’ll learn, find new jobs or internships and be inspired. You’ll connect with new friends and mentors, or re-connect with colleagues and classmates you’ve grown with.

We promise it’ll be three unforgettable days for all of us who are always connecting and always engineering!”

Visit the conference website to register with Early Bird pricing and to book your accommodations through the SWE hotel block!

All Region D Conference Info Now Available

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The Region D Conference pages on the Region D Website contain all you need to know for conference including scheduling and transportation/parking. We can’t wait to see you all tomorrow night at the Welcome Reception!


Region D Conference Schedule

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The schedule of events for Region D Conference is live on the SWE Region D Website! Check it out here AND keep an eye out for the workshop schedule to be posted by the end of the week.