National Conference

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Hello D-vas!

This year National Conference will be held in Baltimore! Home of Hairspray and Ace of Cakes!


Dates: Nov 6-8, 2008

People go to national conference for lots of reasons. I go to see my old SWE friends, meet new ones, and this year to find permanent employment. There are technical and sightseeing tours including:

Wineries and Breweries
John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
Northrop Grumman Electrical Systems
National Air & Space Museum
BP Solar
National Aquarium
Camden Yards
…and many more!

The career fair is amazing. Have you ever walked into a career fair and see three race cars sitting there beside a huge CATERPILLAR machine??? They have those and so many other exhibitors at Nationals.

National Conference is also a great way to learn more about National and Regional SWE. We will have meetings and workshops that help you know more about SWE. National SWE also features workshops to help you grow academically, personally, and as a leader. They offer ones specifically on outreach events, funding, how to interview, and many more.

Another highlight of National Conference is CELEBRATE SWE!!!!!!! During this event many national, section, and regional awards are presented. This includes the coveted SPIRIT AWARD. Region D, the Diva’s, have won for the past two years. We will need your help to win it again this year. Please look out for more info on the plans for Celebrate SWE dinner. This event requires an additional ticket (reserved when you register) and sells out every year.

Last year Cummings Provided Free housing for section presidents. They are providing free housing again. Note: This housing will not be in the same room as others from your section but instead room with other presidents from around the nation. It is a great opportunity to share best practices and meet other SWE presidents.

The code to input during registration is: FREEHOUSING

For more info and to register go to

Can’t wait to see ya’ll in Baltimore.

–Martha Addison, RCR-D FY09

National Conference Info Week!

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Hey there D-vas!

First of all, I’d like to excuse myself for not posting as often lately (and I realize that we are just starting, but I intended to post much more often). I’m struggling with internet problems and a project that never seems to end, but it’s all (almost) over, so I’m back in the Blogging Game!

This week, I’ll be posting important information regarding National Conference. Make sure you visit every day this week, as there is information for those who are new to the Conference Experience (such as myself) and those “seasoned” members who can’t call this Conference their first (nor second… nor third…).

Also, I’ll be adding pictures to the Gallery (FINALLY!). If you’ve got pictures to share, please send them to me (and tell me what they’re about!). The gallery is for everyone to see, and for everyone to post… and I’m sure y’all wanna show off what you’re doing at your section!

Thanks for your patience, don’t forget to comment… and of course, have a SWEet day!

Southern Polytechnic State University

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Our SWE section at SPSU is relatively new. We just re-established ourselves last year, and recruitment has been a bit of a challenge for us. Aside from the fact that SPSU’s male-to-female ratio is especially disproportionate (not many women, but that is improving!), a high percentage of our students are non-traditional, and therefore tend to be particularly hard to recruit.

Over the summer, while making recruitment plans for the first week of class, our president, Cindy, noted that the Greek organizations all had large, attractive wooded letters to represent their fraternities. She came up with a lovely idea for a SWE sign with a moving gear. Cindy and her father thought up the design, built the sign, and then our executive officers got together to paint and finally assemble it.

Making the Sign

(Watch a video clip of Cindy spinning the Gear:

It was a lot of fun – an awesome way to bond as a team – and the final product looks great! In addition to the sign, we hand-painted a SWE banner made from a vinyl table cloth which we all absolutely love!

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Hot Topic #1: Attracting and Retaining Membership

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Hey everyone! We’ve got our first Hot Topic up this month – we’ll be focusing on Retaining and attracting membership.

We know that that year after year, attracting new members, and sometimes even bringing back last year’s members, can be a Section President’s hardest job ever. Some sections are just lucky, and have hardly any trouble keeping their old membership; other sections barely attract enough members to make their presence felt.

There are many factors involved in a person not renewing or not wanting to join. People won’t join if there’s “nothing in there” for them (one of the reasons some males don’t join SWE); or because they already have enough responsibility within other organizations (within Engineering alone, you’re competing against: ASME, ASCE, IEEE, Tau Beta Pi, NSBE, SHPE, SAE… your school probably has these and many more). When it comes to renewals, members look back on last year and think about what they got for their $20. Although it’s probably too late to make last year’s $20 worthwhile, you sure should keep this in mind if you want this year’s membership to continue next year.

I’ve heard that the Southern Polytechnic State University Section has done a great deal attracting membership, and I’m sure they have advice for all us D-vas! Stay tuned, since their advice will be posted soon, featured in a separate post, under Best Practices.

In the meanwhile, how does your section deal with membership? Are you going through trouble and need specific help? What do you do to attract new members? We’d like to know: leave your comment below and tell us what works for you!

…we’re working on it…

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Hey there! Thanks for dropping by! Unfortunately, not everything’s set up and ready, at least not quite yet. But if you’re patient, you’ll see that the Blog is filling up pretty quick; we’ve already got posts in other areas, and we’ve even got a FAQ page (somewhat ironic for a Blog that has yet to receive it’s first couple of comments).

Although I’ll try and keep this updated at least once every week; you can most definitely help me out by sending in stories and pictures. Your help is not only deeply appreciated, but it’s also the reason we’ve got this Blog up in the first place – to showcase YOU and your sections.

Thanks for your patience, but more importantly, thanks for dropping by!

Meet Martha Addison (or, All About Martha)

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My name is Martha Addison and I attend the University of Alabama in Aerospace Engineering. I enjoyed my senior year so much I chose to live it again and am now a 5th year senior. Now, while I could type about all my interests I have instead decided to show you in pictures and captions.
Martha - Football
Football Season: There is no better way to spend a Saturday then with a group of friends cheering Bama to victory. I also use “Roll Tide” in every day words to express excitement.
Martha - Beach
Beach: I am from gorgeous South Carolina, about 40 minutes from the beach and love the sand and the sun a lot.