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Hey there! Thanks for dropping by! Unfortunately, not everything’s set up and ready, at least not quite yet. But if you’re patient, you’ll see that the Blog is filling up pretty quick; we’ve already got posts in other areas, and we’ve even got a FAQ page (somewhat ironic for a Blog that has yet to receive it’s first couple of comments).

Although I’ll try and keep this updated at least once every week; you can most definitely help me out by sending in stories and pictures. Your help is not only deeply appreciated, but it’s also the reason we’ve got this Blog up in the first place – to showcase YOU and your sections.

Thanks for your patience, but more importantly, thanks for dropping by!


Meet Martha Addison (or, All About Martha)

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My name is Martha Addison and I attend the University of Alabama in Aerospace Engineering. I enjoyed my senior year so much I chose to live it again and am now a 5th year senior. Now, while I could type about all my interests I have instead decided to show you in pictures and captions.
Martha - Football
Football Season: There is no better way to spend a Saturday then with a group of friends cheering Bama to victory. I also use “Roll Tide” in every day words to express excitement.
Martha - Beach
Beach: I am from gorgeous South Carolina, about 40 minutes from the beach and love the sand and the sun a lot.

RCR Update #1

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Hello D-vas! Welcome to SWE FY 09! We have lots of new and exciting things to tell you about.

Region D is officially blogging! Please see Josuan’s Blog for more info.

We have TWO Regional Collegiate Reps this year! Some things will be done separately and others jointly. We will each have different sections with in the region that we will assist in day-to-day operations. They are broken down as follows:

  1. Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina-Martha Addison
  2. Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Puerto Rico-Johnnie Waid

We have individual as well as joint email address. You can email us to either address.

Martha Addison: addis002@bama.ua.edu
Johnnie Waid: Johnnie@waid.org

Section reports, questions, comments, help, needs go to the RCR for your state. Regional and national information will be e-mailed out by both Johnnie and Martha.

We will be working as two people, one voice (with the exception of Football Gamedays during the fall when we will have our own views on who is right and wrong).

RCR Roles:

  1. Act as the Collegiate’s Voice on a national level. To do this we need feedback from you: What do you like, not like, not understand, want to change about SWE.
  2. Be part of the Regional Collegiate Team.
  3. Mentor SWE collegiate members.
  4. Run RCR elections.
  5. Make Region D AWESOME.

Section Reports:
These reports ensure YOUR VOICE is heard. They act as a status update for us to pass along to the governor and director of governors. Please turn them in on time to ensure your voice is heard. The report template is found on the Resources Page of this Blog.

Upcoming Dates:

August 25, 2008, Midnight Eastern Time: Section Report Due, can be found on the Resources page of this Blog.
October 17, 2008: Last Day for Early Registration for National Conference
November 6-8, 2008: National Conference

Welcome to the Region D Blog!

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Ladies and Gents, welcome to FY09, and welcome to the Region D Collegiate Weblog – or the D-vas Blog, for short. This is a more interactive and modern version of the Regional Collegiate Newsletter. On this Blog, we’ll be posting updates from our Region Governor and our Regional Collegiate Representatives (RCRs). You’ll also read about this year’s SWEFLs (you’ll have to read the blog to find out what that stands for), and other important people in our Region.

More than an online news page, however, this Blog is intended to become your main resource for all things SWE (besides the National Website, of course). Each month we’ll be posting Hot Topics… and you’ll have the opportunity to share your ideas, solutions and hopefully find help for your section’s problems. We’ll be reminding you when your section reports are due, which meetings are definite MUSTS at National and Regional Conference, and how you can get more involved in SWE.

Your ideas for submissions are most definitely welcome to the Blog. This Blog is for you, the D-vas, and we’d like for you to become an active part of it. Comments, suggestions, questions and complaints are also welcome – leave them as comments (if they’re post-specific), or send them directly to me, your Regional Collegiate Communications Editor, at rcce-d@swe.org.

I expect to hear from you soon – and have a SWEet year!